Yingling Lashes Out at Governor Over Endorsement

Today, candidate Sam Yingling issued a press release in which he lashed out at Governor JB Pritzker for endorsing his opponent, Mary Edly-Allen. In the sloppily prepared release by Kitty Kurth, Yingling made a set of wild and emotion driven assertions. The basis for the vitrolic commentary from Yingling is that JB’s endorsement came on the first day of June which is pride month. June also happens to be the month in which the primary election occurs, but Sam’s team appears to have rejected that possibility.

Yingling huffed and puffed, “It is ironic that on the first day of LGBTQ+ PRIDE month Governor Pritzker attacked the only openly LGBTQ+ legislator outside the City of Chicago, State Representative Sam Yingling. As a gay man, I am used to being bullied. But, I did not expect to be attacked on the first day of PRIDE month by a fellow Democrat. Gov. Pritzker has attacked Yingling and sided with Yingling’s opponent in the race for State Senate, Mary Edley Allen.”

Yingling and Kurth’s commentary is beneath dignity. Sam was not “attacked.” In fact, the press release issued by the Governor did not mention Yingling’s name a single time. It only said why he is supporting Edly-Allen. This hardly comprises an attack.

It seems doubtful that Sam’s team believed their very own words. Instead they clearly thought they could turn the endorsement around, getting some sympathy and earned media in the process. Why they thought this would work is beyond puzzling.

If Sam needs a refresher about what an attack looks like, he could go back and re-read the oped in which he lashed out at JB Pritzker over the fair tax amendment. And if Sam is unsure why Pritzker is as enthusiastic as he is about his opponent, re-reading the oped might help with that too.


  1. Jeremy C

    Are you telling through the truth about guns or your opponent? There is a lot of conflicting information and back forth stuff.

  2. Tracy

    Um… NOPE!!

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