Yingling FAILED to vote on state budget.

The Illinois state senate approved a 50 billion dollar 2024 budget. Sam Yingling did not vote on the measure. His failure to vote occurred because he ran for the district 31 state senate seat formerly held by Melinda Bush, and lost. In the 2022 Democratic primary election, Sam ran against Mary Edly-Allen.

Mary Edly-Allen KICKED HIS BUTT!

Yingling represented about half of the district for 10 years and started with a definite name id advantage, but Edly-Allen clobbered him.

Sam became state representative in 2012, running as the “tax cutter.” After 10 years, he failed to do anything substantive to reduce the out of control property tax problem. Instead, Yingling made fools of voters with political grandstanding, such as his “elect the assessor” stunt. Yingling also attacked Governor Pritzker over the fair tax amendment. If that isn’t enough, Yingling turned on local democrats who helped him win tight races. By 2022, voters had enough. Mary worked hard and won solidly.

Some think that Sam would’ve been able to retain his state rep seat had he opted to not run against Edly-Allen. Given his record of failure, it is likely that Laura Dias who now holds the state rep seat would’ve kick his butt too!

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