Yingling Announces Innovative Property Tax and Stress Relief Program

Grayslake – Today, candidate Sam Yingling announced a program intended to help working families deal with high property taxes while alleviating stress at the same time.

Dubbed “pay it with the pot savings,” the program stems from price reductions on each 1 gram pre-rolled joint of Purple Train Wreck. This particular strain from Illinois Grown Medicine boasts a healthy 18% THC. Those savings on each pre-roll that working families enjoy keeps money in their pocket, which can be applied to their property tax bills.

Yingling’s calculations which underly the program involves rate of consumption times the savings. The average family of four consumes 24 joints per week. The dispensary has discounted Purple Train Wreck pre-rolls by 20% which means families save $2.80 on every joint. This equates to $67.20 each week and $269 per month. If that money is put towards paying property taxes, $3226 of their annual tax amount is accounted for.

“When I first ran as the tax cutter, I vowed to help working families fight the outsized tax burden we face here in Lake County,” said Sam. “This is exactly the type of common sense solution I’ve been talking about for all of these years, and I am proud to finally deliver it!”

Yingling vows to find other such initiatives to bolster his tax cutter branding including potential price reductions on bourbon and high octane racing fuel.


  1. Adam Brust

    WHAT!!! Wtf?

  2. Jessica J

    This is awesome! I hope you can work your magic on the gas stations. If not, I understand. They r probably tougher than the dispensaries.

  3. Robert A

    Do you think we are f’ing idiots! We are really suffering here and then there is this nonsense. Get a friking clue!

  4. Terry W

    Gee. So smart? Maybe you are smoking too much of that crap yourself! Stop insulting us and do the damn work.

  5. Karen Stevens

    My family doesn’t smoke ANY joints in a week. We do however pay ridiculous property taxes year after year, no thanks to you.

  6. Tom K

    Your saying I’ve got to start smoking pot to get the tax break YOU promised? Hell NOPE!!!!

  7. Jeremy C


  8. Tracy


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