Sam Yingling Greets Lake Couny Mayors

Today in Springfield, Representative and candidate for higher office, Sam Yingling greeted Lake County Mayors who came to the capitol making sure to track them down and pose for selfies. Yingling posted…

“This week many of our local mayors came to visit us in Springfield! Hearing from local officials about how we can work together is critical to the success of our communities and I appreciate their commitment to the people of Lake County. Thank you for coming to the Capitol!”

Those Mayors are Ann Taylor of Waukegan, Billy McKinnley of Zion, Tiffany Henyard of Dolton and others. Interestingly, Ann Taylor received the endorsement of StopEto Lake County, but would not meet with them after she won implying her unwillingness to invoke home rule as the group wanted. In spite of this, Sam embraces Mayor Taylor eagerly.


  1. Adam Brust

    Sam taking selfies trying to make himself look good? No way!

  2. Chris Drumueller

    Selfies. Yea. What about finally lowering our property taxes you block head!

  3. George C.

    My property tax bill STILL goes higher. Way to go Sam! Great selfies.

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