Sam Learns About What the Police Do for Us

State Rep and candidate for higher office Sam Yingling did a ride along with the Zion Police Department. From his statement, Sam said, “I really appreciated the opportunity to ride along with Officer Aguilar and learn about the things they’re doing to keep our families safe and the challenges they face.”

Yingling is a full grown adult and has been in the General Assembly for 10 years. He is just now learning what police do and the challenges they face? Most people pretty much know this somewhere in their junior high school years, or at least college.

One thing is for sure.. public safety is an issue with much focus in this election cycle and Sam is likely well aware of this. This is the first time he has cited anything about the police in any community or gone on a ride along. It is called pandering.

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  1. Sarah P

    Most barn yard simpletons know what the police do. This genius finally went into a squad car to help him figure it out.

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