Sam Appears on Stage With Governor Pritzker

Today, Representative Sam Yingling was invited to attend an announcement by Illinois Governor JB Pritzker of the 30 million in storm water management funding apportioned by the IL DCEO.

Sam proclaimed, “I am so grateful and honored to stand beside elected officials including Governor JB Pritzker, Congressman Brad Schneider, Lake County Board Members and my fellow Lake County House Delegation members today to talk about the $30 million from the DCEO coming to Lake County for flood management projects!”

Thing of it is, Yingling savaged Governor Pritzker in the Tribune over the fair tax amendment insisting that it wouldn’t have done anything to help homeowners who pay outsized property taxes. Sam should know a thing or two about not doing enough to lower property taxes. Since running as the tax cutter, property taxes have done nothing but go up.

Sam says he is “honored” to be the center of attention with JB, but did not show much regard for him in the press. He also failed to show much regard for us. The fair tax amendment would have helped working families in Illinois.

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  1. Tracy

    Um.. NOPE!

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