Meet Sam Yingling

A Lake County Native

Sam Yingling is a born and raised Lake County resident. He lives in Grayslake and has deep roots here in the community. Yingling is a third generation native of Lake County.

His parents and grandfather began a family restaurant in 1972 and during his formative years, Sam would help out when he was not at school. Along with his siblings, he was expected to do whatever task was required. This taught Sam the value of hard work, service to others and maintaining a positive attitude.

Undistinguished in the General Assembly

Sam first headed to the General Assembly after winning election for State Representative in 2012, running on a platform of cutting property taxes. He has had a mostly un-distinguished career in the General Assembly until 2018 when he savaged Governor Pritzker in the Chicago Sun-Times over the fair tax amendment, a measure that would have increased state resources by making the wealthy pay their fair share. Unfortunately for Illinois, the measure failed after a large media gambit by wealthy republican financier, Ken Griffin.

After Yingling’s Sun-Times piece, he was placed as chair of the newly formed “property tax committee.” Unfortunately for tax payers, the committee came up with no substantive solutions and accomplished nothing.

In 2018, Sam fought to make the Lake County Assessor an elected position. This change would not have affected the high property taxes in Lake County as the assessor is not the actual problem. The measure ultimately failed.

Sam has worked on other issues besides property taxes including serving on the state heroin task force and supporting colleagues bills to invest in clean energy and clean jobs.