Sam Yingling on the Issues

Property Taxes

Our property tax system is broken and our hard working families can no longer afford to labor under its crushing burden. Sam became the chief sponsor of the property tax freeze bill and endeavored to make the Lake County Assessor an elected position, neither of these were substantive or successful. Sam promised to provide an annual tax rebate such as what Governor Pritzker has already done starting this year.

Protecting Seniors

Sam stated that he is outraged and claims that Springfield is guilty of mismanagement, though he has been there for about 12 years now. He has publicly declared support for lower prescription drug prices, lowering property taxes on seniors and opposing cuts to Meals on Wheels and medical care for the elderly.

Fiscal Responsibility

Sam has declared that the “crooked self-dealing behavior of politicians must end” though he says this knowing that he himself is a politician. Sam refers to himself as a full time legislator and at the same time, he is also a realtor. This is when he is not on a cruise ship. Yingling alludes to fighting for a new law that would require elected officials who are convicted of crimes to “repay every penny.” This however is a court matter and such restitution is already applied by judges where a finding of guilt is made. Like every state, Illinois budget matters are really a problem of burgeoning pension debt and our flat tax system.

Women's Rights

This is a core value for Democratic members of the General Assembly and an easy vote every time. Like practically all other Democratic members, Sam has in the past enjoyed support from groups such as Personal PAC, Planned Parenthood and NOW.

Environmental Protection

This too is a core value for Democratic members of the General Assembly and is an easy vote every time. As a Democrat, voting for pro-environmental legislation is a no brainer and requires no courage. Yingling usually receives and A rating from groups such as the Illinois Environmental Council, though the same cannot be said of the Sierra Club.