Compare and Contrast

In an affront to women’s rights and decency, a draft by the SCOTUS suggests a rule is coming that will reverse the right of women regarding their own bodies reversing 50 years of progress. One candidate encouraged people to stand together in protection of a woman’s rights while Sam Yingling talked only about himself. One candidate talked about “we” and encouraged everyone to stand together while Sam looked to bolster his personal objective and talked about “I.”

Mary for Illinois
Here Mary’s first reaction is to encourage everyone to stand together for our shared Democratic values.

Sam for Sam Yingling
Here Sam’s reaction is to tout himself. It is undeniable.

These Days
The times we are living in call for actual leadership and courage, not self-aggrandizement. The candidate who exhibited shared purpose and which one thought about himself is quite obvious.


  1. Karen Stevens

    Yingling doing some self serving behavior is nothing new and not a surprise at all really.

  2. Tom K

    Always in the spotlight but never in the right. NOPE!

  3. Jeremy C

    Dude… you have got to be all in for protecting choice. Don’t mess around.

  4. Tracy

    NO NO NO!!

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